Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.


Oracle eliminates downtime by automatically updating your databases without taking them offline. Your systems will be more resilient and self-sufficient than ever before.


Nobody wants to lose data. Having it stolen? Unthinkable. Oracle’s hyperattentive database diligently guards your data, assesses security alerts, and mitigates threats—around the clock.


Oracle puts database maintenance on autopilot. There is nothing to learn and nothing to do. Our self-aware database automatically monitors, repairs, and scales your critical database assets, all while never missing a backup.

*No human labor and no human error refers to tuning, patching, updating, and maintenance of the database. You may still need to replace the flat tire or change the oil of your car.


As your personal data concierge, Oracle Autonomous Database monitors your workloads and keeps track of who can access your data. It knows when you need more capacity and how to optimize performance.

It Adds Up to the Greatest Gift of All: Time.

Time to extract more value from your data. Time to create rather than administrate.